Moving to IPv6 in the enterprise

We heard for years that IPv6 is comming. But it did not happen.

I was monitoring the progress and started to improve my  own knowledge. I was browsing how  i could get IPv6 access for me. I identified https:// and Gogonet  as tunnel Broker.

Start geting your IPV6 Range and Tunnel from free tunnelbrokers: SixXS, Hurricane Electric

Make your IPv6 Basic Certification !

Autoconfiguration Thunderbird for domains served from

With the help of Frank Steurich from Supportteam All-inkl and there is a SOAP service API existant buy cialis super active

See Github for SOAP services for viagra price

Ar i show my atempts to used that SOAP services to make Autoconfiguration Thunderbird happen. viagra cheap pills

Feel free to fork and to make PULL requests there generic viagra available us