Autoconfiguration Thunderbird for domains served from

Autoconfiguration Thunderbird for domains served from

I am customer from ALL-INKL.COM - Webhosting Server Hosting Domain Provider

You and i get there also mail accounts which have a system like

Loginname mXXXXXX were XXXXXX is a number. This number you need to know when you want to setup Thunderbird as Mailclient too. Most my users know there email adrress hosted at , their password but not their login name.


But wait there is help. At there is nice way of how autoconfiguration works with thunderbird.

All we need is a were is your/mine hosted domain at

So you can either edit a file based on your email boxes For the syntax see Mozilla documenation.

But i am frequently changing/adding/deleting email addresses and donot want do to that manual.

So i created a host


Be shure to setup your site with PHP > 5.0 ( see )

/xx/xx/pages/ <- should be root of website

/pages/admin/ needs the account data.

Voila: Autokonfiguration with ALL-inkl for Thunderbird works


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