Collecting Microsoft Issues with IPV6 only

On the road to IPv6 Only for enterprises there is always some hint from the Network providers that enterprises lack progress.

So we need to collect Issues and find solutions.

Microsoft Services lacking IPv6 support

Visual Studio: All those services have no AAAA records

nslookup -type=a



Some progress on Ipv6 but no get checkout with IPv6 yet.

Cloud management gateway

The cloud management gateway provides management of internet-based clients. It uses a combination of a Microsoft Azure cloud service, and an on-premises site system role that communicates with that service. Internet-based clients use the cloud service to communicate with the on-premises Configuration Manager.

But the Requirements state: Clients must use IPv4. There is support for Dualstack Loadbalancer in Front of virtual machine scale sets. But a there seem other needed Feature needed to get it working. Question to Audience: Whats is missing?