This is a blog of Christian Bretterhofer.  I develop Software since 1980. So some code exists in C, C++, PHP, C#, VB3-VB.Net, Serverside Javascript, SQL. Most of this Software is right in the middle between Humans and Hardware. And i like to deal with all of that.

web resources

A brief curriculum vitae

  • 2014- Promoting the IPv4 to IPv6 transition at Andritz AG
  • 2011-2012 Selection of the next generation Document management system for the Andritz Group.
  • 2010 Member of the Compentence Center Enterprise Content management systems of the Andritz AG
  • 2008 Product design/Implememtation of eParcel transmital management system
  • 2007 -2015 Implementation of a Organization Database for the Andritz Group. Development Partnership with
  • since 2002 geo-ip based DNS system for faster local access and geographic failover
  • 2002 Implementation of a Content delivery system for the Andritz AG using commodidy file servers
  • 2001-present: eBusiness, Web Services ,IT Project Manager at IT Department of Andritz AG A-8045 Graz, Austria.2004 IT-Project leader for Redesign of http://www.andritz.com2002 IT-Project leader for start of Intranet in Andritz Group with Content management system of Andritz Group2001 technical final decision for Content management system of Andritz Group
  • 1999 first redesign of internet web presence of Andritz AG ( Complete Programming ).
    1998 Creation of ACIS ( Andritz Customer information System ). This is a publishing platform for CD based documentation1997 first internet web presence of Andritz AG ( Complete Programming ).1995 first intranet web presence inside Andritz AG ( Complete Programming of automation department graz ).
  • 1990-2001: Automation of cold rolling mills for the Automation department of Andritz AG A-8045 Graz, Austria.Places were i did my automation tasks: Kaoshing/Taiwan, Shenyang/China, Porter/Indiana/US, Neaples and Lecco/ Italy, France, various places in Germany ( Salzgitter, Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf, ….. )
  • 1998-2001: Lehrbeauftragter am Institut Sportwissenschaften der K.F.-Uni Graz (PC-Anwendung im Sport)
  • 1989: Universitätsassistent am Institut für Elektromagnetische Energieumwandlung with private sponsership of a small company in Graz/Austria devolping microprocesser based controls for water pressure control and Windows control programs for remote communication


  • 1982-1989 Technical University Graz, Electrotecnics and AutomationTU-Graz Fakultät Elektrotechnik mit Spezialisierung auf Messtechnik und Automatisierungstechnik.
  • 1976-1981 HTL Graz Gösting for Communications technology and Electronics

Stuff that engages me

Places I’ve worked

  • Graz Steiermark/Austria
  • Vienna
  • Foshan/China
  • Kaoshiung/Taiwan
  • Atlanta/GA/US, Muncy/PA/US, Porter/IN/US
  • Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Italy

Places I’ve lived

  • Graz Steiermark/Austria
  • Krieglach Steiermark/Austria

Some Hobbys:

  • Programming
    • Distributed computing
    • multi master application server applications
    • Content delivery networks
    • Open source
  • Folk dancing ( see )
  • Automation Knowledge ( real time operating systems, far distance remote control, servo hydraulics )

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