Progess at AS8447 on A1 Kombi Customers

In Austria you can have wired phone line with ADSL Data.
Normally plain IPv4. But now partly also with Dualstack.
Example: Near Graz/Austria
IPv4: Good, AS12793 – A1-TELEKOM-AT A1 Telekom Austria AG
IPv6: Good, AS8447 – TELEKOM-AT A1 Telekom Austria AG
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: 2001:871:64:ca:b8a6:cb7:2a6b:cbb0

The PCs get IPv6 addresses and get working connection.
Cavats: No working DNS via IPv6
Hotline does not know why it works, nor customer gets information.
DNS servers,, for reverse DNS are IPv4 only.

No way to order that for mine ADSL Kombi, nor to get a product information.

So progress, but to completed

#ipv6 #Österreich #austria  @A1Telekom


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