Certificates bretterhofer.at

These Certificates make the supplier bretterhofer.at known to your Computer.

For the code signing bretterhofer.at uses a selfhosted CA

The following instructions need administrative Access on your PC ( like those rights needed to install software).

Please add bretterhoferRootCApem.cer to your trusted root certificates,

bretterhoferRootCodeCApem.cer to your intermediate certificates,

and bretterhofer_at_code.cer to your trusted publishers.

Install_Zertifikat Install_Zertifikat_RootCode Zertifikatimport-Assistent1-Lokaler-Computer

Do not let the system choose automatically, where to save the certificates. Instead, choose theese targets folders:

Bretterhofer Root CA 2015 ->Vertrauenswürdige Stammzertifizierungstellen (“trusted root certificates”)
Bretterhofer Root Code CA 2015 ->Zwischenzertifzierungstellen (“intermediate certificates)
bretterhofer.at Code ->Vertrauenswürdige Herausgeber (“trusted publishers”)

Zertifikatimport-Assistent2-Vertrauenswuerdige_StammzertifikateZertifikatimport-Assistent2-Zwischenzertifizierungstellen Zertifikatimport-Assistent3_erfolgreich

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