WordPress Plugin for IP and other information: ServerInfoPlugin

To be used for WordPress widgets at https://github.com/grzchr15/ServerInfoPlugin

You are seen from [serverinfotag tag='REMOTE_ADDR' text='bold']:[serverinfotag tag='REMOTE_PORT' text='bold']
Your Reverse Hostname is [serverinfotag tag='REMOTE_HOST' text='bold'] .
You are using
[serverinfotag tag='HTTP_USER_AGENT' text='bold'] as browser.
You reach our server with HTTPS [serverinfotag tag='HTTPS' text='bold']  on server name indicated [serverinfotag tag='SSL_TLS_SNI' text='bold'] .
You are reaching us at: [serverinfotag tag='SERVER_ADDR' text='bold']
with a HTTP Method: [serverinfotag tag='REQUEST_METHOD' text='bold'] .
As Protocol we see:
[serverinfotag tag='SERVER_PROTOCOL' text='bold'] .


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