Austrian ISPs IPV6

ADSL Dual Stack Support Part2

After switching to Fritzbox 7582 as ADSL modem i might get this year 2020 at my ADSL line. No ETA given.

But on 8.07.2020 02:07 AM somebody switch it on.

2001:871:263:xxx::yyy/64 true Dualstack with a Public still dynamic IPv4 address.

verbunden, ↓ 41,8 Mbit/s ↑ 10,5 Mbit/s
Internet, IPv4
verbunden seit 08.07.2020, 02:07 Uhr, A1,
Internet, IPv6
verbunden seit 08.07.2020, 02:07 Uhr, A1,
IPv6-Adresse: 2001:870:263:3a1::a:1, Gültigkeit: 9726/4326s,
IPv6-Präfix: 2001:871:263:xxx::/64, Gültigkeit: 9726/4326s
Genutzte DNS-Server (aktuell genutzt für Standardanfragen) -> Raspi PIHole
fd00::95 (aktuell genutzt für Standardanfragen) -> Raspi PIHole (genutzt für (genutzt für

But wait, according to A1 Hotline it is still blocked on their end. So now i have a Ipv6 Network but not Ipv6 connectivitiy.

Update: some days later connectivity started without any notice to me.

A1 Guru Service needed to help?–size-of-end-user-prefix-assignment—48—56-or-something-else-

Now asking when may use ripe-690 ( Best Current Operational Practice for Operators: IPv6 prefix assignment for end-users – persistent vs non-persistent, and what size to choose Publication date: 16 Oct 2017 ) and assign a /56 with Prefix delegation (PD) instead of /64-


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