Dual stack defined at mariadb list of IP needed


  • Description: By default, the MariaDB server listens for TCP/IP connections on all addresses. You can specify an alternative when the server starts using this option; either a host name, an IPv4 or an IPv6 address, “::” or “*” (all addresses). In some systems, such as Debian and Ubuntu, the bind_address is set to, which binds the server to listen on localhost only. bind_address has always been available as a mariadbd option; from MariaDB 10.3.3 its also available as a system variable. Before MariaDB 10.6.0 “::” implied listening additionally on IPv4 addresses like “*”. From 10.6.0 onwards it refers to IPv6 stictly. Starting with MariaDB 10.11, a comma-separated list of addresses to bind to can be given. See also Configuring MariaDB for Remote Client Access.
  • Commandline: --bind-address=addr
  • Scope: Global
  • Dynamic: No
  • Data Type: string
  • Default Value: (Empty string)
  • Valid Values: Host name, IPv4, IPv6, ::, *
  • Introduced: MariaDB 10.3.3 (as a system variable)

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