IPV6 web tools

Networking with IPv6 Only annoyances

Currently i see a big sites reachable by DualStack but there are still some (for me)  websites that i thought they should be already support IPv6


for  Downloading Firefox is using Amazon infrastructure

Name:    bouncer-bouncer-elb.prod.mozaws.net
Aliases:  download.mozilla.org

Location Ashburn,Virginia,United States,North America
ISP: Amazon Technologies

To see progress goto https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1244282


https://launchpad.net Addresses:, Canonical Ltd

https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad Addresses:,


All Ipv6 only no reachable

IPv6 Support in Microsoft Products and Services



IT pros blast Google over Android’s refusal to play nice with IPv6

DHCPv6 is an outgrowth of the DHCP protocol used in the older IPv4 standard – it’s an acronym for “dynamic host configuration protocol,” and is a key building block of network management. Nevertheless, Google’s wildly popular Android devices – which accounted for 78% of all smartphones shipped worldwide in the first quarter of this year – don’t support DHCPv6 for address assignment.

Why the lack of DHCPv6 support is a problem


Current Status of IPv6 Support for Networking Applications

see http://www a9tc97v.deepspace6.net/docs/ipv6_status_page_apps.html ( LINUX/BSD)

Apple Will Require IPv6 Support For All iOS 9 Apps ( but still pending , my comment?)




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