Converting Powerpoint to Flash Presenations

Powerpoint is one of the  used Presenation tool.

Flash is the most installed Browser Helper.

To combine this to experiences and not to change the application ( Browser to Office Application ) it makes sense to converted Powerpoint presenations to Flash Presenations to show it inline at normal web pages.

For examples see soon.

But how to create those:

Powerpoint 2003:

We use a free converter software from iSpring ( ) to convert. With the help of  a wordpress plugin we can easily display those presenations on our Blogs.

OpenOffice Impress:

Just export impress presenations as Flash and upload it to your blog

Usage at WordPress with installed Plugin ispring4wordpress:

‘id’ => ‘presentation’,
‘width’ => ‘720’,
‘height’ => ‘576’,
‘allowScriptAccess’ => ‘sameDomain’,
‘quality’ => ‘high’,
‘bgcolor’ => ‘#ffffff’,
‘allowFullScreen’ => ‘true’,
‘width’ => ‘720’,
‘src’ => ‘/blog/wp-content/plugins/ispring4wordpress/flowers1.swf’,

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